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This is just the set-up.

Settle down.

Mr. Whippel, his German cousin
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  • ashes_to_roses@livejournal.com

I use LiveJournal for many things.

Communities, Fandom, Keeping up with friends, Icons, Journal entries, Memes, Rants, Reading challenges

I'm not ashamed of these Fandoms

These are my Guilty Pleasures

I wish to be a proud geek of many things

Captain Hook, Cats (musical), Conan O'Brien, Craig Ferguson, God, Hugh Laurie, Icanhascheezburger, Mystic Knights of Tir na Nog

Deal or No Deal, Glee, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wife Swap, your mother

Ballet, Best Machines, Fashion history, Literature, Storm Hawks

Really about me

I confess...

I apologize for...

Writer, dancer, procrastinator, fan, time traveler.

I watch a bit much late night television, I don't talk much in real life, I own too many books, I'm not that great of a dancer but I won't stop doing it, I hoard music

Dwelling too much on things, Worrying too much, Being lonely, Talking nonsense
Deal with it; it's LJ.

Official NaNoWriMo 2007 Participant ^_^ my first year

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1984, amadeus, animated movies, anthony andrews, armwarmers, arthur, avatars, ballet, band-aids, batman begins, beast machines, beast wars, black books, bloch, books, cabinet of dr caligari, captain hook, carlos mencia, cats, cats musical, cello music, chinese food, christmas lights, classical guitar music, collars, comedy, conan o'brien, costumes, cowboy bebop, creative writing, dance, danny elfman, darth vader, degas, designing websites, diana krall, dr. quinn, dracula, dragons, dvorak, eddie izzard, edgar allen poe, ella fitzgerald, elvis presley, embodyment, england, european history, family guy, fantasy, farscape, fashion history, fiddler on the roof, futurama, geekdom, george orwell, german, god, gospel rap, greek mythology, handel, historical fiction, hook, horror, html, hugh laurie, icons, incoherent fangirling, ireland, jane yolen, japan, jars of clay, javert, jim carey, jim gaffigan, jmw turner, joan of arcadia, john dunne, john keats, john lithgow, king of the hill, lake erie, larp, legwarmers, lenka, libraries, liz callaway, los angeles guitar quartet, m*a*s*h, marshmallow peeps, marvel comics, marx brothers, monkeys, monty python, mozart, mystic knights, new york city, patrick warburton, pdq bach, penguins, pens, peter boyle, pirates of the caribbean, pita bread, pittsburgh, pixies, poetry, pointe, prince, project 86, quirky humour, read or die, reading, reboot, regina spektor, roald dahl, robert louis stevenson, robin williams, role-playing, romantic era, science fiction, scrubs, shoes, skillet, slapstick, smee, smothers brothers, south park, squirrel nut zippers, steve oedekerk, strong bad, taco bell, tea, teen titans, the magic flute, the princess bride, the producers, the shadow, thrift stores, tigers, tim curry, twister, vampires, veggie tales, victor borge, victorian era, villains, viola jokes, waistcoats, water, wwi